Get to the point

Go from “We’re happy to design a tailored Demo and show you how our amazing product will help your business thrive”.

To “See for yourself, book your personal demo here”.

Use a superlative if you can prove it

“We’re the UK’s best  … “

“In a recent survey 94% of our customers said the best …..”

What’s the reason for your audience to act?

“Get updates” why, what for?

How about “Don’t ever lose out, sign up here”

Make your testimonials real

“Every year there’s something better in it… It’s just a great system – we recommend it to all our friends ..”

“We weren’t sure at first, it seemed too good to be true, we’ve had it now for 6 months and it really is living up to all of our expectations..”


If you have to exclaim it – re-write it – they’re not good, they don’t work. Don’t use them.

Find an alternative to words

Images speak a thousand words – if you fee the need to go overboard with adjectives, like good, new, small, biggest – say it with an image – it’ll save your precious white space for essential words like your calls to action.

Be sincere, write your copy for one person to read and you won’t go far wrong.