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Karen Winter

KW PhotoExperiences in my early career helped me to work out what I didn’t want to do. I recognised that working with people in a way that I could build on my interest in them and what they do, would be something that I would find rewarding.

Being people-centric is such an important part of how I’ve developed as a professional over the last 35 years and, I believe, is an essential element of business planning, selling and marketing in today’s very busy and noisy markets.

The most successful companies that I have been privileged to work with share a common understanding; their brand is an experience. It doesn’t matter what your offering is, and to whom you are selling, every brand is a promise, an experience and a memory. How powerful and repeatable that is, is up to you. I love working with people who want to benefit from over 35 years of diverse experience of working with some of the greats, such as Microsoft, SAP, Sage, Reed Elsevier, P&O Events, Morgan Stanley and other service-driven businesses. With very small, proven, changes you can transform the things you do day-to-day to maximise your and your teams’ efforts.

I founded Harvey Winter to help others to develop strategies, campaigns and actions that get results; and help to you to reach your goals.

We are quick to establish your needs, align with your company structure, understand and adhere to your company’s values.

We’ve created phenomenal brand awareness, opened new international markets, built $million global pipelines, created thought leaders and developed high performing teams.

I am passionate about growing business through linked-up sales and marketing and exceptional people development that make healthy companies … in more ways than one.

If I’ve inspired you, I’d love to hear what you’re thinking and how we can work together.

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