Business Planning and Strategy

Over 60% of executives do not have confidence in their company’s strategy

Successful strategies are the ones that focus on what makes you different. We ask you to ask yourself the following questions:

Have you captured your company’s unique value?

Do you have a deep understanding of your market position and where you can find growth?

80% of profitable growth comes from outperforming your competitors. How do you perform in your sector, how is this measured?

What is your business model, are there other options to consider or develop?

Why do your customers choose to work with you?

How do you differ from your top three competitors? What are you recognised for?

Which products / services are most aligned to your market and your customers? How did it happen? Is it repeatable; is this enough, do you need to do more?

Has the purchasing process changed? In most sectors, the way in which people buy has significantly changed. Up to 70% of the purchasing decision is made before the customer engages with you – are your current sales and marketing processes working?

Marketing is more than advertising; what marketing activities are you undertaking, are they the right combination for your strategy? Does your marketing generate the number of leads you need to fulfil your objectives?

Harvey Winter consultants are specialists in
Business planning

Growth strategies

Capability assessment

Marketing analysis and remedial rescue

Customer acquisition programmes that meet your business objective and vision

Coaching, mentoring, training and team development

Interim posts
We work with you to develop business growth strategies, plans and actions that result in outcomes aligned with the vision of your business.


We see this as a perpetual cycle.
We’re flexible to work with you at each of these stages or focus on an area where you need us most. Working alongside you and your team we can help realise your firm’s potential.

We’ll give you some simple and very effective rules to follow and tools to use that will considerably improve your outcomes.

Starting with a very affordable assessment of your current position will give you a holistic overview and show any immediate gaps. This will help you to prioritise the areas of your business that will benefit most from attention.