If you’re not yet focused on content marketing you really need to be in 2017.

Spend on content creation has overtaken advertising for bigger brands and now it’s about to get a whole lot more sophisticated.

We know that customers are researching and shortlisting way before they engage with a sales person. It stands to reason that creating what they want and making it readily available is essential for lead generation and customer acquisition.

Think Beyond Engagement

2017 is the year to take your content strategy to the next level.  Focus on content for customer retention, make your offer stickier for longer; to increase the lifetime value of your customers. Providing them with essential content will help you to become their “must have” provider over just being a preferred supplier.

Everyone Loves Video

Video brings in the highest return on investment. As a sector we did more of it in 2016 and Syndacast forecasts 74 percent of on-line traffic will be video in 2017.

Social platforms are working on feeds to improve the viewing experience and we know that search engines favour video for search engine optimisation. Video can increase your optimisation by 300 percent.

As video increases your opportunity to engage with your audience on an emotional level, there really are no reasons not to use it.  Using a great videographer will pay dividends, the quality of your content in the B2B space does matter.

Generic to Specific

Messaging is so, so important. Forget flimsy high-level generic content and focus on a really valuable single take away, then do lots of it.

If you’re writing a white paper, instead of making it sector wide, cut it down to a particular sub-segment and make it resonate with that audience.

If you’re producing a “how to” guide make it particularly pertinent to a smaller group, and give them something really worthwhile, something they can use, and something they can pass on.

Visual Content

Pictures can paint a thousand words and evoke emotion. As we know, emotions are essential in the decision making process. Getting to know your audience/s and their preferences will help you to source images that will provoke powerful reactions.

Search engines are set to get better at reading and analysing images to rank your relevancy – that will help you to keep your content short and unique to you.