Customer Acquisition

Planning, Strategy and Execution
At Harvey Winter we’re pioneers of exceptional performance. One way to develop exceptional performance is to close obvious gaps – operating sales and marketing teams separately creates a gap through which valuable insight and knowledge can be lost.
Customer acquisition on the other hand, sets out the entire process from product or service development to align with your customers’ needs through to conversion that reflects the objectives of your strategy. As this is a continuous process you’ll not only keep your customers for longer, but you’ll also create opportunities to offer them additional products or services.
Customer Need – understanding your customers’ needs is the first step in innovating, marketing planning and the very beginning of the acquisition process.


Product/Service and Value Proposition – being able to describe a product’s features or a service is only part of the content your customers need. Developing a value proposition engages with your customers on a different level and is the beginning of your brand promise to them. It’s not an easy task, so it’s not surprising how many companies just don’t do it. It is one of the keys to differentiating your offering in your market that will give you a competitive edge that should not be underestimated. The more you do it, the more it becomes a mind-set and is easier to achieve.


Method and Route – how you go to market and with whom. Which model will suit your business best to achieve your objectives and time-line? Are you currently operating the right model?


Execution and Acquisition – having the right people doing the right things is essential. Do your people have the resources and tools they need to outperform your competition?


Training, Coaching and Mentoring – being the best at what you do means continuous professional development. Top performing companies make a commitment to the investment in their people to ensure that they are nurturing the best from their teams.


We work with you to develop highly competitive customer acquisition strategies, plans and actions that result in outcomes to meet the revenue needs of your business.