Coaching & Development

Often mixed up or thought of as different words to describe the same thing. Coaching and mentoring utilise similar skills that result in very different outcomes.


What is coaching?

Coaching is a very effective tool that facilitates the understanding of your skills and ambition to help you to:

Set and achieve goals

Create effective strategies

Help you to develop, where necessary

The ultimate outcome will be for you to enhance your life further and fulfill your vision.

Coaching draws on a range of disciplines including educational science, business science, philosophy, sports psychology, positive psychology and neuroscience.

Coaching is completely tailored to meet the coaching needs of the business. It provides a supportive environment in which individual executives, managers, co-workers and teams are supported and developed to be able to set goals and work with the coach to achieve them.

“I highly recommend Karen as I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.  She came recommended as a ‘mover and shaker’ and that she is. 

“It was clear she had extensive experience; working with small businesses and from running her own company, she has the ability to relate to all business stakeholders from marketing and sales, to finance, HR and operations.  Her professional curiosity and intelligent questioning in interrogating each area of the business evidenced this 360-degree perspective.  She quickly understood the challenges the business faced and the nuances of the industry in which we operate.  She was able to bring a clear structure of actionable strategies in order to instill a marketing orientated approach to propel the business to the next level. 

“Karen’s exceptional communication skills shows a warmth and confidence that enables and coaches staff to build up their confidence, skills and job satisfaction. She is a true professional, unflappable under immense pressure and who can deal with very difficult characters with non judgement and tact – an excellent addition to any work environment.”  Kiri Barker, Marketing Manager, Lolly

Organisations have reported that they have benefited from:

An improvement in communication and interpersonal skills

Increase in confidence and motivation

Positive changes to conflict resolution

Alignment of the organisation’s and individual’s needs

Greater management performance and results

For Individuals, coaching can provide:

New solutions to existing problems

Greater self-awareness and the impact you have on others around you

Clarity of objectives, priorities and thinking – enabling you to shape and influence your working environment

A greater sense of success enjoyment and levels of confidence

Our responsibilities as your coach
To work with you to:

Clarify and encourage you to set the goals that you really want

Ask you to expand your thinking

Help you to focus and prioritise to produce results

Provide you with the tools, support and structure to accomplish more

What coaching isn’t

Coaching is not counselling, therapy or consulting. It is also not advisory or prescriptive. The “answers” that you are looking for and action that you take will come about through the work we do in our coaching partnership.


Coaching standards and confidentiality

Bound by our professional coaching qualification we work to the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) code of conduct, which reflects our own ethical standards.


What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a process which supports learning and development, rather than focusing on goal attainment.  It is usual for the output to centre  around performance improvements, either for an individual, team or business.


What can mentoring be used for?

Develop employees – graduates or other recruits

Prepare future leaders

Successfully face and manage challenges

Accommodate diversity

Retain high performers

Manage and develop corporate knowledge

Compliment other learning and development


Matching the mentor and mentee is of paramount importance to the success of the relationship. In a successful mentoring relationship the mentor will:

Inspire others

Teach by example; demonstrating insight, knowledge, understanding, skills, experience and integrity

Support and affirm their mentee and their hard work, persistence, motivation, commitment and drive

Help to build confidence, self-esteem and a sense of increased competency

Offer challenges and growth experiences that enable their mentee to develop

Encourage professional and ethical behaviour

Listen attentively with objectivity, understanding and empathy

Encourage and develop self awareness and awareness of others

Offer ‘boundaried’ friendship

Confront negative, self-defeating attitudes and behaviours

Share critical information

Offer insight and wise counsel

Support, stand by and advocate for their mentee in difficult circumstances

Develop skills that will enrich and advance their mentees personal & professional lives and performance


Successful mentoring leads to increased level of satisfaction, motivation and productivity, it can also result in:

Reduction in conflict between colleagues and individuals / management

Higher levels of commitment to the company

Decrease in staff attrition

More appropriate use of talent, to benefit the company and the individual

Harvey Winter will work with you and your teams to help you to be the very best at what you do.