I was introduced to OMID some 20 years ago when I worked with Simon Richards, the most extraordinary sales and marketing leader that I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

I’ve seen OMID work to deliver the smallest objective through to multi million $ complex software projects. Each time I have a new project I naturally think of OMID and set about planning the work and bringing teams of people together.

It’s very simple and extremely effective.

Objective – make sure the objective is clear, communicated and understood by everyone at the same time.  Have a discussion about the objective and make a decision on who will drive it forward.  Ensure that everyone has the same version of the plan and any necessary changes during the entire period.

Methodology – who, what, when – set the critical path so that everyone knows the key milestones and works to them – ideally you want one person taking responsibility for the project – if the objective requires the interface between a number of teams, choose the person who already works between these teams to bring it all together. i.e. a product manager or service manager.

Have the courage of your conviction and resist the temptation to seek out opinion elsewhere.  If you do, make sure you bring the entire team back for any discussions and be realistic and flexible regarding the affect any changes may have to the delivery date – don’t try to squeeze projects that should be given the right amount of time into difficult timescales unless it is absolutely necessary. A few weeks here or there won’t really matter in the scheme of things and it’ll maintain harmony.

Implementation – have quick 10 minute “stand up meeting” once a week to check where everyone is with their responsibilities – it gives everyone an opportunity to say if they are experiencing difficulties and get the support of the team. This management style promotes teamwork, openness, accountability and avoids unnecessary conflict; ultimately saving time.

Delivery – if all of the steps above are followed everything should come together without any major stresses. If there is anything outstanding it shouldn’t be mission critical.

Have you got a project that needs some attention?