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When people get together and the conversation starts flowing there is a natural tendency to speak louder and louder until the only option is to move to a quieter spot and start all over again been in that situation at an event or at a party?

It’s a useful thought to keep in mind when approaching your marketing, in short, it’s noisy out there but just how noisy is it?

According to ID Magasin’s study into our exposure to marketing messages, using their latest technology during a 90 minute period travelling around London their participant saw 250 adverts from more than 100 different brands in 70 different formats. The number of brands recalled without prompting was just one.

In one day we are likely to see 3,500 marketing messages, so it’s really very noisy.

Whilst it might be a deflating revelation all is not lost. However, our natural instinct to speak louder doesn’t cut it in this instance.

By better understanding our audiences we’re able to appeal directly to them, to one person, on an individual level. Speaking in a language that resonates, helping them to think, this really is for me will, at some point, create the reaction you want.

If your marketing messages are one message suits all you might want to think about whom you’re appealing to and consider if your message appeals directly to them.