It pays to dream - Image

Dreaming in business is good – it allows us become which we aspire to. It’s better to shoot for the stars and hit the moon than to aim for the floor and hit it. Once you have visualised the dream though, you need to plan your success.

In the 1960’s a survey was carried out on a year group in an American high school. The study followed the progress of a group of students over ten years and focused on how individuals became successful. At the start of the study, the students answered a questionnaire that explored whether or not they had a plan for their career and life. The results showed that only around three percent of the students had put any real thought into planning their future.

Ten years later, when that same group of students was surveyed again, the three percent who had a plan were the most successful. Perhaps no real surprise in that result – but what was striking was the huge gap between this three percent and the rest of their year group.  Taking personal wealth as one measure of success, it turned out that the three percent who had planned had a total wealth that was higher than the other 97 percent put together.

Time to plan the dream?