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What’s your story?

We know that decisions are mostly emotionally driven. In business it is easy to fall into the trap of focusing on logical reasoning and miss the importance of engaging at an emotional level.

A very effective way of appealing to your audience on an emotional level is by telling stories.

Working with many business leaders over the years I am always fascinated by their individual stories. Everyone has one … without exception. Some take more uncovering than others, but it’s very rewarding when we’re able to work on storytelling and instantly elevate marketing to an emotional level.

A few that spring to mind are:

The partners who met on a contracted job and told their story like a dry old biscuit; “we met on a contracted job”. Retold as the son of a farmer who became a number cruncher, but, for years had dreamed of being free from an office. How, with his new business partner, he spotted a gap in the market, based on customer satisfaction and the use of technology.  Together they built a £5m+ business, working in the great outdoors.

The retelling of their story enabled them to engage with their customers emotionally and reinforce their unique use of technology to deliver unprecedented customer service levels in their sector.

The engineer who went from having no story to sharing how he more or less stumbled across a technology that would help businesses to uncover highly valuable insights in their data. However, unconvinced by the tools he found he embarked on a mission to find the best technology to deliver these phenomenal business benefits. After three years of searching he discovered a technology in America that was good enough to build on, but not good enough to deploy straight away.   After two years of intensive development in Europe with highly skilled professionals, professors and engineers, he championed the most advanced tool in its class, and created a heap of added value.

Despite being a smaller company in this sector, this company has become a recognised global brand in under 18 months, blindsiding their major competitor to boot! The story reinforces the company’s drive and long-term commitment to utilising the best technology, with highly skilled developers to continue to create the best in class.

That’s the power of storytelling.

What’s your story and how are you telling it?