Top 5 fail

Failing to understand your customers: Get to know your customers well. What are their pains?  How do they behave?  What are their dreams?  What are their values?  What are they trying to achieve?

How can you mirror and help them?

Failing to show real differentiation: What makes you unique and different to everyone else, what value do you bring?

Failure to communicate your value proposition: How can you communication your value clearly, concisely and in a way that compels people to want to work with you or buy from you? Learning the language of your customer will help you to align with them.

Failure to lead: If you haven’t got it, learn how; it’s critical to your success. Leadership isn’t about managing people and making them accountable it’s about sharing your vision and removing obstacles that prevent those around you from performing.

Inability to create a profitable model with proven revenue streams: Once you’ve created a model that is profitable, replicate it and grow.